There are many myths regarding eBay shopping experiences. On, does not sell anything. It’s a platform, where sellers sell their products online. There are thousands of sellers on Here is few tips on how to safely make purchases on

  1. You might be looking for a product on or already got a link to the product page. In the former case, you will search for the product for sure. Also, in the latter case, search for the product name to see which other sellers are selling the similar products. If you have searched for the product first, after looking all the details on the product page, search for other sellers selling the similar product. Intelligently change the keywords and other parameters to get better results.
  2. Check for the prices (including shipping charge) for products from all sellers. This will help you to get the best deal (in price).
  3. Check for feedback scores of the seller. The more the number of feedback and the % of feedback score is signs for a better and trustworthy seller. Also, read few recent feedbacks of the seller, before you make the purchase from that seller.
  4. Read all the details (product details, shipping and delivery details, warranty, guaranty etc.) before you make a purchase. If you have any doubt, contact the seller.
  5. PaisaPay from is a good way to pay for the purchase. You have to make the payment by your bank account or credit/debit card. You will pay and will pay to the seller. The seller need to ship the product within few defined days. If they don’t, you can claim to get your money back. After they ship the product, it need to be delivered within few defined days. If they don’t you can claim to get your money back.
  6. Before paying for the cart, check for the discounts codes available. If you subscribe to the newsletter of, you may get few discount codes occasionally. If not, you can always search for discount codes online. But valid discount codes may not available always.
  7. After receiving the product, check whether the product is as defined as before. If not first contact the seller and ask them to resolve the issue. If they did not help you, you can complain at and can get a good solution.
This tips are based on shopping on experience of Debiprasad. If you have any other tips or anything you want to discus on this, then please reply to @buyonline_in on Twitter. Happy eShopping!!!
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